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    Your answers to the following questions will help us research human mortality issues. No personal identifcation is asked for or shared.
  •   1 - no fear at all 2 - mild fear 3 - moderate fear 4 - strong fear 5 - powerful anxiety
    Loss of identity
    Loss of all control
    Loss of consciousness
    Fear physical pain at tine of death
    Fear judgement day
    Fear there may be nothing more
    Fear not being there for loved ones
  •   1 - most often 2 - on occasion 3 - hardly ever
    I pray at my church, mosque. temple or by myself.
    I talk to my priest, rabbi, spiritual leader, guru or other.
    I meditate to find my answer.
    I feel in my gut or intuit what's right.
    I listen to my inner voice
    I ask my friends
    I ask an authority on the subject
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