The Meditations


Meditation I Title: On the Edge of Sleep.

In this first in our series of meditations, image your final moments, your time of death. Relax as a way of beginning a conditioning of your state of mind about death. The goal is for you to anticipate your time of death in an atmosphere of safety and comfort so that you can be more comfortable living with its inevitability.


Meditation II Title: Characterizations

In the second in our series, we begin the work of calming our fears about dying. We experience watching our fears without judgment so we can in time pass through them, let them fall away, and we come to a calmer place.


Meditation III Title: Your Chamber

In the third exercise, we work to dismantle the barriers our fear erects as a way to avoid our inner voice. Our inner voice, our "instinct", is also where we hold our survival instinct - an almost cellular level awareness that we are vulnerable, that age and that someday we die. When we are afraid, we deny this voice and look outside ourselves to fashions and institutions for our answers. This meditation helps us return to our inner voice and to discover a more organic answer to questions like, "Who am I really?"


Meditation IV Title: The Field of Constant Change

A common component of a fear of ageing is the fear of change. Often, we'd rather keep things just as they are. As Pema Chödrön says, "We know that all is impermanent; we know that everything wears out. Although we can buy this truth intellectually, emotionally we have a rooted aversion to it. We want permanent; we expect a permanence. Our natural tendency is to seek security; we believe we can find it." This meditation will help you become more comfortable the organic nature of change.


Meditation V Title: Our Universal Sea

 Our final mediation conditions your state-of-mind as you experience an imaginary death. The goal is a deeper conditioning that reduces current apprehensions while it prepares you also for your time in the future.


Meditation 1

Title: "On the Edge of Sleep"



Meditation 2

Title: "Characterizations"



Meditation 3

Title: "Your Chamber"



Meditation 4

Title: "The Field of Constant Change"



Meditation 5

Title: "Our Universal Sea"


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