Relief from our Fear of Mortality


Our fear of aging and death is primal and it is human to try to avoid painful realities. But if we accept these realities, our lives are so much better. The Life Awareness Center helps you conquer your fear of aging and dying and enjoy the benefits that flow when you do.


The first step in diminishing fear is to understand the critical role death plays in life: that death is the engine that drives a meaningful life.


The second is to develop a daily consciousness that our time is limited and therefore precious. Taking both steps develops what we call Life Awareness.


Reduce fear and enjoy these important benefits:


a. You clear the path to your inner voice--to your ability to be profoundly introspective when you no longer deny but fully face the realities of biological aging and dying.

Dealing with your fear of aging and dying frees you to look inward, which makes you less dependant on outside influences: the approval of others, social fashions and other peoples' values.The processencourages self-reliance.

c. By staying attuned to the reality that time is limited and precious, your  appreciation for your time alive deepens. You redefine priorities and make richer choices.


d. When you develop Life Awareness, you learn what the ancients knew: that by embracing the reality of the human condition, that we age and are mortal, you tap death's power to enrich your life.

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